From The Southern Border of Canada…


The Prairie Polar Expedition travels over 5,000km from Emerson, Manitoba on the Red River to the North Pole. The expedition is the first to travel overland south to north across Canada while also engaging with the diverse geography, wildlife, and culture encountered across Canada. Over 80% of the distance is lake and ocean that is either open water or covered in ice depending on the season. 






To The North Pole


Departing in February, 2024 to ensure safe Arctic ice, and travelling via a high-Arctic modified ARGO Sasquatch all-terrain vehicle, the surface route follows the Red River and Lake Winnipeg, crosses the wilderness of Manitoba to Churchill, follows the west shore of Hudson Bay to the Northwest Passage, then encounters Baffin and Ellesmere Islands ending at Cape Columbia.

The Expedition then departs from Cape Columbia to cross the Arctic Ocean to the North Pole in 2025.



Making Nunavut More Known to Canadians and the World


Nunavut is at an important crossroads. Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) is having to deal with climate change, economic development, food insecurity, energy needs, and tourism. This is a historic time in Nunavut that must be documented and shared with Southern Canada and the World. 

The expedition will be split over 2 years to allow for filming and content creation in Nunavut and Inuit communities. 








The Route 


The green line in the picture is a representation of the general route. We guarantee the final route will not be as shown.

The local knowledge of the communities in the Arctic, the snow and ice conditions that occur in 2024/2025, and the communities that we engage will change the route.

We will continuously update the route map as things evolve.